GST change – does your system need assistance?

27 Jun

It is a time to work smarter, not harder, inside your business. Every system you have (both computerised and manual procedures) within your business needs love. Efficiency is king in this belt tightening age.

With the GST rate changing from 12.5% to 15% on October 1st we suggest taking a look at your accounting software or tool and checking out what you need to do now to make it through the change over.

If you are rolling a software program on your hard drive consider that: “They only have a few months to make the change, burn it onto a CD, put it in a box (made from trees), put the box on a boat or plane, courier it to the store, where you can drive down to pick it up, then install.” This is a snippet from a sweet little post on the Xero Blog. These guys have been through two VAT changes in the UK, hiccup free.

We strongly suggest you sort it out soon. Check out what you need to do for your existing system or better still take the time to check out Xero. You can TRY XERO FOR FREE to get a taste of this savvy little tool.

The Crunch team loves Xero and loves talking about Xero so if you have questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or give us a bell.

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