GST Periods Starting 1 October 2010

27 Aug

GST periods starting from 1 October 2010

You’ll need to use the new 15% rate from your next return onwards, if:

•    you file your GST returns monthly, or

•    you are a two or six-monthly filer that has a return period ending 30 September 2010.

GST periods that span 1 October 2010

If you are due to file a:

•    two-monthly return with the period ending 31 October 2010, or

•    six-monthly return with the period ending:

o    31 October 2010

o    30 November 2010

o    31 December 2010

o    31 January 2011

o    28 February 2011

you’ll need to use the:

•    12.5% rate for the period up to and including 30 September 2010, and

•    15% rate for the period on and after 1 October 2010.

The IRD will be sending you new returns that will help you through the transitional period. You’ll then go back to using your normal GST return. The returns will be printed with a red stripe to distinguish them from normal GST returns.

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